Welcome to the International Safety and Education Seminar 2017 website. This seminar will take place on June 7 and 8, 2017 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Following the successful seminars in Finland and Sweden, the Dutch Fire Service, Burns Foundation and Fire Service Academy take the challenge to organize the 2017 seminar as successful as the previous.

It is important to have a seminar again in 2017. Many developments put the fire safety of the community under pressure, now and in the future. These developments take place in many countries. Think of the aging of the population. Think of the increasing multicultural society, due to the arrival of refugees. And these are just a few examples. Our target groups are so much the same. So it is good to share and discuss these developments, the associated risks and solutions and our experiences. Many of us have several years experiences with Community Fire Safety. It is important that we can measure the quality and impact of our work so we know when activities are the most effective. Here too, it does not differ greatly between countries and so it is good to share these experiences.

But we as organizers are not the only ones who have the knowledge to know what is important to share in the seminar. You as a professional and probably participant in the 2017 seminar are working daily with these issues. You know what knowledge you want to collect and share. Therefore, we invite you to make suggestions for the content of the program. You can do that by sending an email. Additionally, you can also let us know whether you would like to present a topic. The conference committee gathers all the ideas and will decide on the final program in March.

The coming period this website will continuously be filled with information about the themes of the seminar, potential conference topics, practical information and of course the final program. Have a regular look at the website, to stay tuned. Want to be sure of a place at the seminar? Indicate your interest by sending an email. You will get a message as soon as the registration is open.

You can also follow our Twitter account #ISES2017nl to make sure you will not miss anything.

I hope to welcome you all at the seminar!

René Hagen
Professor of Fire Safety



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